New Jewelry Collection: Gifts for Loved Ones

November 19, 2015

Gifts for Loved OnesIf you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been gradually rolling out our newest jewelry collection: Gifts for Loved Ones. This collection of necklaces all include heartfelt cards that are made especially with one person in mind.

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Why Rose Gold Can Discolor Your Skin

November 12, 2015

I heard recently from a customer who was confused about why her rose gold jewelry was making green marks on her skin. She thought only copper jewelry did that. What she didn't know was how much copper plays a role in rose gold jewelry.

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Halloween Pet Costume Contest Winners

November 05, 2015

Halloween pet costume contest winnerHalloween is over and we’re sick from all the candy, but we’re still enjoying all the fun pictures we gathered from our pet costume contest and, of course, our own in-office Halloween party.

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Holiday Travel Tips: Keeping Jewelry Untangled and Organized

November 02, 2015

Holiday Travel TipsJewelry doesn’t have to take up a lot of space in your luggage. But, often times, what you choose to put your jewelry in to "keep it safe" is actually quite bulky
. Plus, it may not be keeping your jewelry safe at all. An old ring box takes up too much space and a soft pouch is just asking for everything to be tangled and bent.

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5 Steps to Hand Stamp Jewelry Like a Pro

October 19, 2015

Hand Stamped JewelryOne reason I love to make personalized jewelry is that it makes me feel like I get to know the customer who is trusting me to make a special momento. Learn how I create these special hand stamped keepsakes in 5 quick steps.

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Most Popular Earrings for Men: Studs, Cuffs and Hoops

October 14, 2015

Earrings for MenOlive Yew is synonymous with petite and personalized jewelry. Petite can sometimes translates into women’s or even kid’s, but we don't want to exclude the guys. Our variety of stud earrings and small hoops make perfect earrings for men who may want something with a subtle shine.

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Rose Gold Fall Favorites

October 08, 2015

It is no secret that rose gold is a favorite of mine. I don’t just mean rose gold jewelry, either. I like rose gold everything. Since the announcement about the new rose gold iPhone 6 came out, I have been impatiently waiting for my very own!

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Jewelry Inspirations for Fall & Halloween

October 01, 2015

It’s finally October! Fall, specifically in October, is such a great time of the year. Here in NC, the blazing heat is gone and has been replaced with perfect 70-ish degree days – at least most of the time. Plus, there is Halloween! In case you weren’t aware, at Olive Yew, we love to dress up for Halloween. Here are a few jewelry inspirations to get you in the spirit of Fall and Halloween.

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The History of Rose Gold Jewelry

September 24, 2015

Rose Gold ComponentsOlive Yew was one of the first small jewelry companies to make rose gold jewelry. For the pieces of jewelry that aren’t made in Olive Yew’s shop, such as chains and clasps, it was quite a feat to get the materials. Manufacturers simply didn’t make the rose gold materials that were needed to create the jewelry. After a great deal of pestering – yes pestering – manufactures finally started.

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Comprehensive Jewelry Cleaning Guide

September 15, 2015

Comprehensive Jewelry Cleaning GuideDifferent metals need different care instructions since they can react with outside elements in their own way. I've provided jewelry cleaning and care tips for various types of metals in previous blogs, but I now want to include all of this information in one comprehensive jewelry cleaning guide.

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