Copper Jewelry: Health Benefits and Care

Copper is thought to be one of the first metals that humans ever used. In ancient times, it was used in coins, ornamental decorations, and for tools. Copper was also used medicinally. In fact, the first recorded medical use of copper can be found in one of the oldest books known,

How To Measure For the Perfect Jewelry Fit

It’s fun to go into a jewelry store and look around at all the shiny rings, bracelets and necklaces. It’s easy to select the perfect fit because you can try on as many sizes as you’d like to make sure the necklace hits just the right place, the bracelet isn’t

4 Jewelry Cleaning and Care Tips

We’ve all had the experience of pulling out a piece of jewelry we haven’t worn in a while and finding it dull or tarnished. This can be particularly true for plated jewelry. Plated jewelry cleaning and care is recommended regularly to maintain your jewelry piece’s beauty. So you ask, what is

What’s new at Olive Yew? Handmade hoop earrings of all sizes (and a few shapes too)!

If a hoop earring is shaped like a square, is it still a hoop earring? We say yes. And with all due respect to the stud earrings we’ve recently added to the Olive Yew catalog, why should stud earrings have all the fun? We say they shouldn’t — and thanks to the newest additions to the catalog, we have the goods to back it up! If you love handmade hoop earrings that will last a lifetime, this post is for you. Here’s a quick look at what’s new.