Ideas For Layering Necklaces and Jewelry Sets

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, here at Olive Yew, we love dainty and feminine jewelry pieces. Our designs fit all styles – whether you prefer a simple letter necklace or an edgier skull charm. The best part of having smaller pieces like ours is being able to layer them so

Top 3 Bridal Party Gift Ideas

It finally happened…you’re getting married! You’re looking for the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect everything. Although your dress, venue, and décor are key elements of your wedding, who you choose to be in your wedding party is equally important. After all, you and your bridesmaids are going to

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. February 14th is known for spending time with one’s significant other and exchanging cards and gifts to show their love. Although Valentine’s Day’s origin is a bit fuzzy, it definitely does not consist solely of cupids and hearts. You’ll find information about Valentine’s legends below,

Copper Jewelry: Health Benefits and Care

Copper is thought to be one of the first metals that humans ever used. In ancient times, it was used in coins, ornamental decorations, and for tools. Copper was also used medicinally. In fact, the first recorded medical use of copper can be found in one of the oldest books known,