Don’t leave home without it! Clever ways to pack light and keep your jewelry safe (with things you already own) when traveling

Unless you’re a workaholic (which we are, so we’re not judging) or you already live in paradise (okay, now we’re judging), summertime means it’s also vacation time — which, for many of us, also means it’s time to endure the hassles of airports, overpacking and luggage jostling across the cabin and down the baggage claim carousel.

Fortunately, there are some crafty ways to pack your delicate jewelry that will both lighten your luggage and keep those handmade investments feeling secure while they travel with you. Best of all, there’s an excellent chance you already have everything you need.

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Etsy Craft Party 2014 Recap: Who said learning can’t be a ton of fun (and delicious too)?

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